In lining processes, we always need a very strong and easy-to-use insulation material, and these things are found in sg polyethylene, as it is characterized by impermeability to water and high tensile resistance.

It is used for insulation and protection

Such as the protection of thermal insulation and the insulation of artificial lakes, landfills, water fountains, swimming pools.

It is produced in different colors and different thicknesses according to use from 200 microns to 500 microns used in protection – 750 microns to 2000 microns used in lining.

With SG

Do it once.. Do it right..



Protective UV stabilized on both sides and hence lasts longer even in sunny outdoors


Resistant to Stains Acids, Dyes , most Chemicals ,100% waterproof, leak proof, weatherproof, oil proof and rot proof


High tensile strength and puncture resistance

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