Waterproofing is one of the most important aspects of the construction industry, so waterproofing products are chosen very carefully.

SG Membranes are one of the most widely used waterproofing products due to the impermeability of water and its high tensile strength. Which provide full and great protection for the building and interior finishes from moisture and water leakage.

They are also available in different types according to required specifications

  • APP (atactic – poly – propylene)
  • SBS (styrene – butadiene – styrene)

Which is strengthened from the inside by a layer of polyester or fiberglass fabric or a mixture of what is called composite.

With SG

Do it once.. Do it right..



High flexibility in different temperatures due to high elongation property, which reaches 45%


One of the most important mechanical properties is the high tensile strength


SG Membranes are available in more than one model to suit all project specifications

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