Thermal Insulation,


Thermal insulation is required to reduce heat transfer in any building. its common to use in Residential, Administrative, Commercial and Industrial facilities. Not only does the insulation system improve process efficiencies, protect assets from the surrounding environment and help preserve energy and reduce costs, but importantly, provides critical personnel protection for people.


SG Foam the ideal choice for this purpose, it has been chosen by the biggest engineering consulting and construction firms in egypt.


  • SG Foam offers high R-Value, it means more thermal resistance
  • High compressive strength – will resist horizontal loads
  • Due to their dimensional stability the boards are a durable and stable long-term solution
  • Because it does not absorb water, eventual workmanship faults will not influence the material
  • Homogenous closed-cell structure ensures superior long-term insulation
  • Easy application – boards can be cut without producing waste