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Specialized contracting and Applying

Strategy Group is working in the field of specialized contracting in the implementation of waterproofing and thermal insulation. Strategy Group found that the waterproofing system is one of the systems that directly affect the safety of the building and its lifetime.

It also found that the implementation of the insulation system in the proper manner according to the industry and the instructions of the producer is one of the basic and effective factors in the safety of insulation systems.

Therefore, Strategy Group provides a distinguished team of engineers who are responsible for the characterization, technical support of the used materials and their technical specifications and to make maximum benefits of the insulation system to their customers.

Strategy Group is also training the supervisors and technicians by the insulation experts in the Egyptian and Gulf markets to ensure the highest efficiency of implementation and get their customers to a high level of products and service provided to them.

Strategy Group also provides a professional team in the implementation of the Marmox boards, which is breakthrough in the thermal insulation and waterproofing and the division of buildings due to the characteristics of fire resistance, humidity and lightweight, which are made of XPS-foam with glass fibre reinforced cement coating.